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  I am happy to get involved with your project at any stage.

I can accompany your project either from the very beginning to the end or I can come in on a short-term basis as an independent third party.

You can hire me by project, by the day, week, month or more. This gives you maximum flexibility to meet your development needs at minimal costs.

Working languages:
English and German (mother tongue)
Some services are also available in French.



Script analysis (feature film)
Triple or quadruple reading of the script, short synopsis, tabular scene overview. On about 6-12 pages: classification of the genre, detailed evaluation of the theme, it's reflection in the main sub-plots, the development of the main character(s), structure and dialogues. In addition comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the script as well as a perspective on future development.

Script meetings (feature film)
Preparation, moderation and minutes.

Reading of the source material, short synopsis. On four to five pages: classification of the genre, analysis of the theme, characters and structure. Evaluation of the possible adaptation.

Editing notes (feature films & documentaries)
Screening of the rough cut on DVD, VHS or in the editing suite, oral or written notes concerning the editing, shortening proposals etc.

Project consulting (feature films & documentaries)
- What are the nest steps in the development of the script/the project?
- How can the development be financed?


  Writing of exposÚs for documentaries

  Editing of projects for presentations and applications
Writing and editing of synopses, exposÚs, press releases etc.

Research for documentaries and feature films

  Transcription of interviews etc. (English and German)

Editing of commentary



Translations of screenplays, subtitles and texts